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WMI error 0x80041032

There are numerous ways to monitor for blocking in SQL Server. One of them is a WMI event alert for the BLOCKED_PROCESS_REPORT event class. I've used that approach before, and generally with satisfaction. However, I've run into an issue on a couple of servers: the SQL Agent Alert unexpectedly stops working. When the event occurs, there is a corresponding error message in the SQL Agent log indicating a failure:

[423] Unable to query the alert BlockedProcess for WMI events. WMI error 0x80041032

The SQL Agent WMI event alert is configured to run a SQL Agent job that logs the blocking information, which can be analyzed later. But once WMI error 0x80041032 begins occurring, the SQL Agent job never runs. That's a problem.

Here's a look at the SQL Agent Alert and the Response. (There's a script to create it, if interested.)

SQL Server Agent, WMI Event Alert

SQL Server Agent, WMI Event Alert Response

Both the servers where the problem occurred were SQL Server Failover Cluster Instances (FCI). Failing over the cluster from the primary to a secondary temporarily "fixed" the problem. My guess was that rebooting the primary server or restarting the database engine service would have also worked. But I did not test either scenario as these were production systems. Other tests that I wanted to try, but didn't, included restarting the WMI service and restarting the SQL Agent service.

I would eventually discover that disabling and re-enabling the SQL Agent Alert also temporarily "fixed" the problem. Executing the msdb system stored procedure sp_update_alert also did the trick (see below). However, if I omitted the @last_response_date and @last_response_time parameters, the alert continued to fail.

EXEC msdb.dbo.sp_update_alert
	@occurrence_count = 0,
	@count_reset_date = NULL,
	@count_reset_time = NULL,
	@last_occurrence_date = 0,
	@last_occurrence_time = 0,
	@last_response_date = 0,
	@last_response_time = 0

Sadly, I have not yet discovered the root cause of the problem. Every time I "fix" the problem, it comes back again later.


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