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2017 Year End Review

Another year of blogging has come and gone. Thank you to everyone that's dropped by! For many other technical bloggers, one post per week is a common goal. After a few years, I'm pretty sure I won't hit that target, at least not for the duration of a year. For 2017 I managed to write 42 posts. Averaging more than 3 posts per month for a year is pretty good, I'd say.

Before we get to your favorite posts, here are the ones that I really liked. These didn't necessarily get a lot of traffic, but they were special to me for various reasons:

Code Beautifier

This app filled a need for me. I blogged about it, shared the code on GitHub, and got some good feedback. A SQL Data Platform MVP even emailed me about it! Thanks for the kind words, everyone.

SQL Server Extended Event Handling via Powershell

This article was part of the inspiration for the Watch-DbaXEventSession command in the dbatools PowerShell module. Thank you to the dbatools team for crediting me.

Thoughts On Technical Interviews

A lot of my personal experiences and perspective went into this post. It's been less than two weeks since the post went live, but it's gotten a fair amount of traffic in a short time. If I had posted it even one month sooner, it might have made the top five for the year.

The PASS Website and Social Media Promotion

I made a plea to PASS to make a minor enhancement to their website, which I surmised would benefit all of us that promote PASS events on social media platforms. And they did it!

The Ambiguity Of Acronyms

I continue to be disappointed at how little traffic this post gets. Anyone that creates web content ought to read it.

Your Favorites

Without further ado, here are your favorite posts for 2017:

  1. Undocumented T-SQL Commands
  2. Handling SQL Server Deadlocks With Event Notifications
  3. Regular Expressions With R And T-SQL
  4. Installing Multiple Instances of SSRS
  5. The Mount Rushmore of Lazy SQL Security

Where's The Love?

And now, the posts that no one liked. The bottom of the barrel. A wretched hive of scum and villainy. The bottom five. Make a guy happy and go back for a first (or second) look:

  1. Passing The Torch At The End Of The Road
  2. T-SQL Tuesday #96: Folks Who Have Made a Difference
  3. The Ambiguity Of Acronyms
  4. A (Very Small) Piece of Celtics History
  5. Dipping My Toes In The Azure Pool

That's a wrap for this year. I hope you all had a good 2017 too. See ya' again next year!


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